WPO 2006
The World Philharmonic Orchestra's children

Alexia (Venezuela), Andrei (Romania), Chanasorn (Thailand), Anes (Tunisia) and Gavin (India), are the talented children who have been chosen as recipients of musical scholarships, thanks to the musicians of the 82 participating countries of the World Philharmonic Orchestra.
On June 21st 2006, each of them have received a (three-year) scholarship of 10,000 Euros per annum and a specially selected instrument of fine quality.

You will be able to follow their progress on this web site.

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Others beneficiaries of the previous WPO concerts (always for unprivileged children) :
UNICEF - CIRC (International Red Cross) - Children's association of Mgr. Paul-Émile Léger (Archbishop of Montréal)