Mr Marc VERRIERE, Fondateur

Law studies.  Holder of the Paris National School of Engineering and Technology diploma.  Legal, literary and musical studies.  Chairman and Managing Director of a Management Company in Paris (1977-1981)
--Producer and Artistic Advisor to Radio France (National Radio Stations – France Musique, France Culture, France Inter) and to several private radio stations (1982/1983)
--Producer of public and private concerts (1983/1984)
--1984 : Founding President of the World Philharmonic Orchestra (WPO) : 82 member countries in 2005.  Inaugural concerts : Sweden (1985) Brazil (1986) Japan (1987) Canada (1988)...Paris/France in June 2006 to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the national Music Day
--Musical Producer for the opening of the International Garden and Greenery Show in Osaka, Japan in 1990 (“Tistou les pouces verts” by Maurice Druon)
--Founding President of the Olympic Arts - copyright 1992 - Officially created on July 10 & 11th 1995,  at UNESCO/Paris - web at :
--Distinction: Medal of recognition of dedicated service to UNICEF (1985)

Mrs Françoise LEGRAND, Co-fondateur
First prize-winner for piano and violin at 12 years old
Musical studies and teaching training. Founder of several music schools. Head of the Orly Music Academy (France) from 1973 to 1986
--Conductor’s diploma with exceptional distinction at the Schola Cantorum of Paris
--Guest conductor (Luxemburg, China, Japan, Canada, Romania, India, Turkey, Germany, etc – 1980-1989)
--Composer : “Canticle to the Sun” according to the text of St Francis of Assisi, the Anthem for the first European Handicap Games “Handisport”,  music for films, choral music
--Choirmaster :  
---First prize-winner at the International Festival of Male Voice Choirs in Vienna (Austria) 1985.
---First prize-winner in Verona, (Italy) 1992 all categories
  Co-founder and Musical Director of the World Philharmonic Orchestra
--Distinction : Medal of recognition of dedicated service to UNICEF (1985)

World wide COPYRIGHT  / World Philharmonic Orchestra